About Us

Alternative Travel Services, LLC is now located in Highlands Ranch and has years of experience with helping travelers through their Personal Travel Concierge Services.

We offer a unique opportunity for our clients to get the best of all three types of services that we offer:

1. Do-it-yourself - For those of you who like to research on your own and book your trips, we have that option through our "BOOK ONLINE" link. OR, do the research and send us the information and we can make the reservations for you. NO FEES! A great way to make sure, that you have not made any mistakes with your self booking/reservations.

2.  You Prefer to Work with an Agent - We can assign an experienced travel agent to contact you and assist you with your requests. NO FEES in most cases! Ask us before FINAL CONFIRMATION/BOOKING of the trip.

3. Personal Concierge Services - This is a specialized service designed to offer a more personal and higher level of service(s). More specifically, this service is used more for planning Weddings, Honeymoons, Family Reunions, Group Travel and First-Time Cruisers.

With these services we will help you plan all the details and provided consulting advice for things that you might not even know about.

A Service Fee of $40 will be applied to your booking.

If you feel that the $40.00 Service Fee for this service was not a value, then simply request a 100% REFUND of the $40.00 Service Fee.

*MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! for this unique and often requested  "Personal Concierge Service".  You must request this refund prior to FINAL PAYMENT.

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