Chris Russo

Specializing in Italy & Yacht Charters

I have been in the travel industry for over 30 years and have done every aspect of the industry. My list includes being a travel advisor, travel agency owner, President of a host agency, Director of Sales for an Escorted tour company and Business Development Manager for a tour company. On top of that I was President of ASTA the American Society of Travel Advisors for 3 years.

During Co-vid when everyone’s world changed so did mine. I met a wonderful woman who is now my wife and like many others in the travel industry had to reinvent myself. That reinvention started with me finding my heritage in Southern Italy as we pursued living abroad. A trip to Italy in 2021 got us close and we decided to take up root in a little town named Rieti, Italy which is considered the belly button of Italy. 1.5 hours Northeast of Rome. We have had the pleasure of meeting great people and traveling the country.

I recently received my Italian Citizenship which was an adventure of its own.

Since I have been here I have met wonderful people and some wonderful local tour companies to give you a very unique experience to your Italy vacation. I also have the unique opportunity to be on the same time zone when you are traveling through Italy in case something comes up last minute. Such as Taxi strikes (even I get caught by those), train strikes, mask mandates and of course the major one these days airline delays. Contact me for your personal Italian Experience.

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