" I absolutely adore Eric! He made the process of planning our vacation so much easier and stress free. I'm a planner by nature and was hesitant to even consider using a travel agent, and if it had been anyone but Eric, I would have dropped them. But Eric was personal and friendly and had a lot of experience to offer suggestions and tips. It was nice having him there to back up my own planning. I have recommended Eric to all my family and friends and plan on going through him for all of my future travel needs, even though I can probably do it myself :) I loved having him there to throw in a tip, suggestion, or even just a friendly "How's the planning going?" I felt very confident that if anything were to have gone wrong, that he would be available immediately to resolve it. The couple of bumps we hit toward the end are being worked on and I absolutely don't include Eric  in any of my disappointments of my vacation. THANK YOU Eric for a wonderful vacation! :) We'll be talking again very soon! "

Stephanie O.

Coolidge, AZ

Company Response: This is why we offer a more Concierge style of service for our travel customers!


" Eric Rudolph was absolutely instrumental in the overall success of our Honeymoon! He kept in constant contact and always prepared the hotels for our arrival. No other travel specialist I've used in the past 20 years compare! "

Corey S.

Virginia Bch, FL

Company Response: It was our pleasure to arrange your Honeymoon Road Trip.

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  • Garrilee and Jeff Raffaeli


    Lars at Alternative Travel Services worked diligently to provide the needed prices and deals for our group of 22. We all wanted to celebrate this year together with the varied special milestones we will celebrate throughout the year. So this was our one time to come together and celebrate with family and friends. Lars arranged pricing for a Caribbean cruise that sailed out of Puerto Rico. This was no small feat I am sure. We all live around the United States and are in different time zones. Lars was willing to take our calls and our varied questions and get back to us each individually. We all had different questions and different needs because each of our family circumstances were so varied. We had some with small children and those of us that are couples, a few singles, and a couple senior citizens. The ages varied as did the cabin needs or our large group. Lars patiently worked with each of our family units, to ensure we had what we needed for the price we could afford. He was helpful in letting us know what cabins were available and the different features of the different cabins. Lars stayed on top of our group as well, to ensure we knew what was available on our cruise, what added packages we may want to look at, and what the pricing included. He explained some of the features of different packages, and worked with us as we determined what each of us individually may or may not need. He explained in detail the insurances provided for our cruise and what benefits it could be for us on our trip to include insurance. He was always pleasant to talk with, and never seemed annoyed with some of our "ignorant" questions we probably bombarded him with. Some in our group are experienced travelers and others are comfortable in their home surroundings. So he had his work cut out for him. Lars provided insight into some of the excursions that the cruise line offered and provided added information of how we could research the ports we were visiting, to really know what excursions we may want to book, and which islands we may want to just enjoy the local beaches or their local shopping areas. He provided different suggestions on different sites to visit on the web before we went, and offered to answer any questions we may have if still feeling overwhelmed with booking excursions. With all the on-line booking we can do, and with all the sites we can go to, we may at times wonder why would you need to go through a travel service. With a group our size, it would require one of those in the group to become the travel agent. With all of us having our own secular jobs, or needing to navigate through different travel websites it would take so much time and effort, and frustration. Lars already knows what he is looking for, which sites are the best to visit with the best prices and best options. Since this is his business, he is able to make better deals for those he represents, plus he is willing to make and take the time to work with a large group. While I will book travel deals for my husband, and I, the benefits of working with a travel representative like Lars is greatly appreciated. He is there to help book our vacation, answer questions, do some research or tell his guests where to go for research, he is there to help you through the process so you can focus on the daily tasks you have, while your vacation is taken care of. Working with Lars provided a stress free way to get a vacation booked, with all its different aspects, without much effort on my part. Love the worry free vacation we were able to enjoy. Lars has a great personality and humorous side, which probably helped with some of the crazy requests we made. He dealt with all of us so patiently and very professionally, and laughed along with us when we told him some of our crazy travel stories. He know he had a hard group when he heard some of our storied, but he still was up for the challenge, and he did will with ensure the things we booked through him went smoothly. The other things that could happen, was ALL on us. Thank you Lars for all your hard work, and diligent effort. You helped make this a memorable trip that we all enjoyed greatly.

  • Jeremy Lowell


    Eric could not be more accommodating and having rented RVs in the past and since our time with Eric validated how wonderful his service is as well as how fine his RV is for rent. We will always use his services when appropriate! Fantastic!

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